Catered Food Events

A caterer is an someone who prepares food intended for individual portion service at a food establishment they hold the food establishment permit for and transports and serves the food at another location. They also prepare and serve food at alternate food establishments, for which they do not hold a permit for, for service at a single meal, party, or similar gathering.

  • Caterers do not have to inform the Board of Health when preparing and serving food from within their permitted kitchen.
  • However, if the caterer will be preparing and serving food from any other kitchen, the BOARD OF HEALTH MUST BE GIVEN WRITTEN NOTICE PRIOR TO OR WITHIN 72 HOURS AND A TEMPORARY FOOD PERMIT MUST BE OBTAINED.

Temporary Food Permit Requirements

  • Completed temporary permit application
    • Within the application, please list any items that will be sold.
  • Copy of valid food permit from Town facility is based in, if not from the Town of Lexington
  • Copy of most recent inspection report, if not from the Town of Lexington
  • Copy of Food Handler Manager certificate (ServSafe)
  • Copy of Allergen Awareness certificate (Allergen Awareness)