Hazard Mitigation Plan

Plowed sidewalk with deep snow on either sideThe Town of Lexington, Massachusetts, created this plan as part of an ongoing effort to reduce the negative impacts and costs from damages associated with natural hazards such as nor’easters, floods, and hurricanes.

This plan meets the requirements of the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000. More importantly, the plan was created to reduce loss of life, land, and property due to natural hazards that affect the Town of Lexington. 

It is difficult to predict when natural hazards will impact the planning area, but it is accurate to say that they will. By implementing the mitigation actions listed in this plan, the impact of natural hazards will be lessened.

Local mitigation plans must be updated at least once every five years in order to remain eligible for FEMA hazard mitigation project grants.

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update, October, 2019 (PDF)