376 Lincoln Street & 73 Middle Street (Ponybrook): Balanced Housing Development (Approved)

The Planning Board opened a public hearing on May 8, 2013 on the application of Barons Custom Homes, for approval of:

  1. A special permit for a Balanced Housing Development under Section 135-6.9, of the Code of Lexington, Zoning By-Law
  2. A definitive subdivision plan, under the Subdivision Regulations of the Planning Board, Section 175-11F of the Code of Lexington

The proposed development is shown on a set of plans entitled "Proposed Balanced Housing Development", dated March 26, 2013.

The property, 376 Lincoln Street and 73 Middle Street, shown as lots 123C and 124G on Town Assessors Map 34, is located in the RO Residential Zoning District. The plan proposes the demolition of the structure at 73 Middle Street, the relocation of the structure at 376 Lincoln Street and its conversion into two units, and the construction of six new homes, for the overall development of eight units, all served by a proposed right-of-way off Middle Street.

The public hearing continued to June 5, 2013. After receiving further input from the developer and the residents, the public hearing was closed. Deliberations took place on June 19, 2013 at which time the Planning Board voted to approve the special permit for balanced housing development.