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Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts

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2012 Winter Moth Update

Asian Longhorned Beetle alert:  watch out for this insect! See "Pests" section at left. 

Setback Tree Program:
- A setback tree is a tree planted by the Town at the 
  front of a homeowner's property, which is a private 
  tree but will function in part as a street tree
Trees being planted come from the Town Tree 
  Nursery. Twenty setback trees will be planted in the 
  spring and 20 more in the fall of 2012.
Species available will vary with each season
  American Hophornbeam, American Smoke Tree, 
  Carolina Silverbell, Red Maple, River Birch, Sweetbay 
  Magnolia, and Tulip Tree are on the list of trees being 
  planted this spring. These or other species will be 
  offered in the fall of 2012. 
- A homeowner can request a setback tree by sending 
  an e-mail to Chris Filadoro, Superintendent of Public 
  Grounds and providing him with his/her name, address, 
  phone number and e-mail address.
- Chris will forward the request to Committee member 
  Jewel Kuljian, who contacts residents in order of 
  request date.  She meets with each homeowner to 
  discuss the possible site of a tree on the property, 
  explain and obtain the setback agreement form, and help 
  choose a specific tree from a list of species available 
  at that time.
- Currently there is a waiting list, but requests can still 
  be made 
to be kept for future years.

Tree Planting: 122 new trees were planted on public land, including street trees, park trees, and trees on school grounds and in cemeteries in 2010, and 102 new trees in 2011.

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Welcome!  The Lexington Tree Committee is dedicated to the protection, planting, and continued care of Lexington's trees and the enhancement of green spaces.

  • The Tree Committee was established in October 2001 when a town Tree Bylaw
    came into effect.
  • Recent activities include the formation of a Friends of Trees group, which organizes the Commemorative Tree purchase program, bittersweet eradication projects, and more.
  • April 2007 marked the beginning and installation of the tree nursery for the town, managed by the DPW and the Tree Committee, on conservation land.
  • The Committee helps sponsor Arbor Day Celebrations -- Lexington is a many-year recipient of “Tree City USA” status from the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • The Committee wrote and published a Tree Management Manual which contains useful information for residents, builders, and public employees.
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts