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Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts

Prospect Hill Road Sidewalk (Public Hearing 3/2/15, 7:00 PM, Selectmen Meeting Room, 1625 Mass. Avenue)

Safe Routes to School

Sidewalk Policy

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You can now read a Summary of the Committee's Achievements in 2010.2013 Committee Meetings will be held at 
9:00 am, in the Selectmen's Meeting Room on the following Mondays:

January 7      February 4
March 4         April 1
May 6            June 3
July 1            August 5
Sept. 9          October 7    
November 4  Dec. 2

Safe Routes to School News September 2011 - Construction of new sidewalks is almost completed in the Bowman School/Follen neighborhood!

Please Note:
A pedestrian traffic safety issue can be evaluated by contacting the Lexington Police Traffic Safety Officer.

The Town's snow removal policy and procedures provide criteria for clearing streets and sidewalks.

Sidewalk Committee

Committee Charge

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Contact Information:
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 Click on links below to view a copy of the
2014 Pedestrian Accessibility Study
Map of Sidewalk and Ramp Network Priority Ranking

If you would like a new sidewalk to be built in your neighborhood,
please use the New Sidewalk Request Form and follow the procedure laid out in the new Residential Guidelines for New Sidewalk Installation 

 Contact Information:     man in crosswalk near Minuteman statue  
  Please send email to the Sidewalk Committee with your ideas, questions, complaints, and views.

...Do you have an idea for how to fund sidewalk maintenance?
...Would you be prepared to shovel the part of the sidewalk that fronts your property or would you prefer that the Town do it at a higher cost to you?

Committee Objectives:

This Committee, formed in March 2005, will advise the Board of Selectmen on sidewalk policies. In developing recommendations, they will seek broad citizen input to support and encourage implementation of the recommendations of the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan for increasing pedestrian activity and reducing traffic by considering the adequacy of the town wide sidewalk network to safely address the Town's recreation and transportation needs; specifically

  • Recommend policy for sidewalk construction and maintenance, including financing and a prioritization strategy
  • Work with the school PTAs and School Department to implement and sustain a Safe Routes to School program at all schools
  • Sustain community interest in walking
Prioritization of Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance
An ongoing objective of the committee is the development of a strategy for prioritizing sidewalk maintenance and construction that is both fair and most beneficial to the Town's walking community.

Safe Routes to School Program

A committee sub group is focused on implementing walking (cycling, scootering, car pooling, bus use, wheelchair) programs at all Lexington schools. So far, Bowman, Bridge, Estabrook and Hastings elementary schools have been successfully implemented. Under the guidance of Judith Crocker, this group coordinates the walk days at each school for greater impact across the town.




Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts