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Lexington, Massachusetts
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          Housing Partnership 
     Recreation - 8/30
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     Farming - 9/12
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  Final Report (presented to
  Selectmen on 3/14/11)

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Concept Presentations, November 4, 2010
  - Farm Coalition,
Concept Plan Narrative 
Site Plan
  - Farm Coalition Followup
  - Farm Q&A
  - Farm Letter Re:  Practical
    Implementaion of a Farm
  - Jay Luker Letter Re:
    Clarify Farm Proposal

  - Housing Partnership and
 Concept Plan Narrative
  - Housing Q&A
  - Housing-Memo 1/5/11
  - HPB Comments 1/19/11
  - Recreation Committee and
    Concept Plan Narrative
  - Recreation Q&A
  - Rec. Comments1/5/11

  - Bob Pressman - To 
    Maximize Achievement
    of CPA Objectives Related
    to the Busa Property
  - Bob Pressmen Plan 
    presented 2/2/2011

Guidelines & Criteria
  Proposal Guidelines
  Evaluation Criteria

Working Documents
Interim Report to BOS
  on January 1, 2011
- Proposals
- Master plan
2020 Vision and Goals
- Other Related Reports
Incoming Correspondence
- CPC Legal Quesions
- Goldinger E-mail

GIS Maps
  Busa land existing site
  Site in context (not to scale) 
  Busa site at 40 scale 
Site Survey
   This draft site survey is 
   provided for information
use in the develop-
ment of concept proposals.
   The resource boundaries
   have not 
been approved
   by the conservation Com-
   mission and should be
   considered preliminary.  
   The plan can be down-
   loaded and plotted at
   30"x42" at a reprograhics

 - Lex. Wetland Regulations


Busa Land Use Proposal Committee dissolved 3/28/12

***The Board of Selectmen decided that most of the land would become a community farm (see Community Farming Committee) and that some affordable housing units would be developed there.***

 photo of Busa farm land


Description of Land

 photo of tree on Busa farm land

Committee Members: 
 David Horton,
 William Dailey
 Ric Fulop
 Ginna Johnson
 Pamela Shadley 
 Deborah Strod
 Albert Zabin

Committee Charge
This ad hoc Committee was formed to receive and evaluate proposals, identify desirable uses, and report to the Selectmen on potential future use of the Busa land. The Committee's goal is to deliver its report to the Selectmen by January 15, 2011.

Comments from the public via e-mails, letters and written comments handed to the committee are posted in a pdf file.  New correspondence is added at the end soon after it is received.

September 2010-May 2011
June 2011- August 2011
September 2011-December 2011
January 2012-March 2012


  • The Town purchased the Busa Farm on Lowell Street on December 2, 2009. 
  • The Selectmen have the option to lease out the property for 3 years, and have leased it back to Dennis Busa to continue farming during the 2010 growing season. 
  • Board of Selectmen established the Busa Land Use Proposal Committee (BLUPC) to identify desirable future uses for the Busa Farm property within the categories of "open space," "historical preservation," "housing," and "recreation," as defined in the Community Preservation Act.
  • The committee has scheduled a series of open forums to hear the community's ideas, hopes, opinions, and vision for the future use of the land from Lexington's residents on September 15, October 7, and November 4.
    Detailed information about committee meetings, dates and agendas is available on the Calendar of Public Meetings.

Description of Land

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  • Busa Farm is a 7.93 acre parcel located at 52 Lowell Street, just west of the intersection of Lowell Street and Westminster Ave on the Arlington town line. 
  • Frontage for the property is on Lowell Street and the parcel lies just north of the Arlington Reservoir and east of the Munroe Brook. 
  • Purchase of the parcel was authorized at the May, 2009 Special Town Meeting using Community Preservation funds. 
  • Under the Community Preservation Act, the possible future land uses at Busa Farm are:
    • recreation,
    • affordable housing,
    • historic preservation, and
    • open space.
  • Note: Expenditure for a site survey of the Busa Land was approved by the Board of Selectmen on August 31, 2010. When the survey has been completed, it will be made available on this web page.



Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts